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Manufacturera de ropa La Gacela, S.A. de C.V. In compliance with the provisions of the federal law for the protection of personal data in possession of individuals makes it known that only collects personal data of its customers, being the only responsible of its treatment and stating that it undertakes to respect the privacy of the data in possession, which is why it informs that:

Your address to hear and receive notifications is that of Puebla Street #401,Arbide, 37360 León Guanajuato. México.

LA GACELA, Collects personal data related to name, telephone, email; these data are used exclusively for purposes of providing the service we provide, as well as marketing and advertising purposes.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that a website asks the browser to save on the computer or mobile device user. Thanks to this cookie, the website can "remember" the user's actions or preferences over time. Most internet browsers support cookies; but users can configure them so that they do not accept certain types of cookies or specific cookies. Users can also delete cookies at any time.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to understand how users interact with content and to improve their experience when they visit our websites.

What types of cookies do we use?
Own and third party cookies

We use both our own and third-party cookies on our website.
Own cookies are cookies sent from the domain of the site, generally used to identify preferences in terms of language and location or to offer the basic functions of the site.
Third-party cookies belong to and are managed by other companies. These cookies may be necessary to facilitate certain forms.

Session cookies
These are temporary cookies used to remember the user during the course of their visit to the website. When the user close the browser, they disappear.

Permanent cookies
They are used to remember the user's preferences on the website and remain on the computer or mobile device even after the browser has been closed or the computer restarted. We use these cookies to analyze user behavior, in order to obtain visit patterns and to improve the functions of the website. These cookies also allow us to present the user personalized advertising and measure the effectiveness of the functions and advertising of our site.

Analytics Cookies
Number of visits, pages or sections visited, browsing time, sites visited before entering this page, details about the browsers used.

How are cookies used for advertising purposes?
Cookies help us to present relevant advertisements to the user more efficiently. Although we do not use cookies to create web profiles of the behavior of users when browsing third-party sites, if we use aggregated data from third parties to show you personalized advertising according to your interests. We do not provide any personal data collected to advertisers. The user can disable advertising external to the site and advertising with third-party information by adjusting the settings of the cookies. If you turn off advertising, it will not disappear from the pages you visit, but the ads you see will not be personalized according to your interests.

How are third party cookies used?
For some of the functions included in our websites, we use third-party providers. For example, when the user visit a page where YouTube videos or links to them have been embedded. Such videos or links (and any other content from other providers) may include third-party cookies. Therefore, we encourage users to consult the policies of privacy of these on their websites, to know how they use cookies.

How are cookies managed? Since cookies are not strictly necessary to navigate this website, you can block or disable them, totally or partially, through the configuration of the options of your Internet browser. All browsers allow the change in cookie settings.
Likewise, you have the possibility to revoke the consent given for the use of cookies at any time by configuring for this your browser.
To disable cookies by modifying your browser settings, you can follow the instructions specified by each browser:

Also, if the user does not want their data to be collected with Google Analytics, they can install their opt-out add-on to browsers.

Last modification: December 11, 2020.